Jun 25, 2008

Lessons from VBS

The big kids have been going to VBS all week. Not at a church that we are responsible for, so I have been enjoying leaving the babies with their dad, dropping off the kids (gasp! yes, I have become one of THOSE moms!) and wandering the city in search of curriculum for next year.
Last night, I arrived to pick them up before the program was finished and an offering box was mentioned. So I gave my kids each a few coins to put in their respective gender boxes.
I was surprised at the result.
Nate said straight-out, "I'm not putting my money in that box."
I replied straight-out, "Oh, yes, you are!"
"Nope." He said, "I'm taking it home and putting it in my piggy bank."
"No, you are going to give that money to God."
His reply was almost logical, "God is in my piggy bank, too." But in the end, he gave way with little resistance.
Kaytie was more complicated. She willingly dropped money in the box, but when I took her to the bathroom afterward, a quarter dropped out of her pocket. It quickly came to light that she had put MOST of her money in the box, but had kept out this quarter for herself. And my questioning reduced her to tears. hmmm. So I just told her that when we hold back part of ourselves from God, we limit His blessing in our lives. I told her that what she did with the quarter was HER decision, but she would be oh so much happier if she did the right thing. Well, she decided to keep it. I was disappointed, but I let it go.
We went out and started visiting with the relatives, waiting for the rain to let up so we could go. Kaytie just kept crying and crying.
So finally, I whispered in her ear, "If you do the right thing, you will be happier!" And I asked again, "What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to put it in the box!" she sobbed. So she did. And when she turned back around to me, already a smile was forming. The tears and sadness were gone. My happy little girl was back.
Odd thing is, I think I learned a bigger lesson than she did.

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Carisa said...

A beautiful and honest story, thanks for sharing. We all hope our kids will naturally do the right thing, but they often don't. What a huge lesson you allowed her to learn by accepting her answer the first time. She experienced the pain of doing the wrong thing on her own. What a powerful lesson for you and validation for you as a mother.



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