Jun 16, 2008

Summer Activities

So we are no longer doing anything more strenuous than a fun activity or two every day. Mostly, we are reading, reading, reading. The big kids pick books to read to me. The little kids pick books for me to read to them. And I try to read from Pooh a couple times a week. Besides reading, I pick something off of this list to do just for the fun of it...
Crazy eights
Pooh’s number match
Go fish
Pooh’s go together game
Pooh’s colors and shapes
Alphabet bingo
Memory Bible heroes
Memory Sesame Street
Addition flash cards
Color/number flash cards
Month puzzle
Bear matching: color and number
Pumpkin numbers game (a game I made up to work on # recognition)
Alphabet flashcards
Fractions with shapes
Lacing cards
Bird matching
Word card games
Pompoms to sort and match
Sidewalk chalk
Counting manipulatives (bears and mixed animals)
Memory verses
Art projects
Game box (free play)
Books to read
Water play
Writing stories
Dinosaur puzzle
Worksheets (I have tons and the kids love them)
Pattern blocks
Math link cubes
Board games
Candy land
Chutes and Ladders
Coloring books
Big coloring mat
Felt habitats
Flannel graph
Write in books
Shapes to match
Lacing beads
Sugar bin/sand bin/ oatmeal bin
Letter rubbing cards
Computer games
I Spy books
Store game
Time clocks
Word Whammer
finger painting
Body book activites


Wendy said...

Great list! My big girls have loved so many things on your list, maybe we can have some fun introducing the little ones to some of them this summer.

And, I've got an award waiting for you on my blog. Come by when you get a chance. :)

We are THAT Family said...

What a GREAT list!

Anonymous said...

great list! I think ya'll are going to have a great summer. Our list is mostly:


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