Jun 22, 2008

Summer Totschool

We started out well with school this week, and then kind of got distracted with other stuff a bit. At the end of last week (or was it week before?!?!) they got to play tag with their cousins and the rest of the puppet team...

Daniel running as fast as he can!

Alexis helping Daniel keep from getting tagged, and Abbie relying on her charm.

Nate and Kaytie taking a rest. They wore these shirts so they could be twins.

And Abbie practiced her chalk outline impersonations.

I put Daniel to work with this foam puzzle and he had a great time putting it together. I seperated it into parts so that it wouldn't overwhelm him with all 36 pieces.

He needed some help figuring out where each piece went, but he worked very hard and once he knew where they went he put them in with no trouble.

Abbie needed a little more help, but she felt very very big.

Then the big kids had do it, too. It became a family project.

Daniel got bored, so he went and got a book to read.

Then we played Hearts. We play with a little different rules.The object is to collect the most cards. I deal out all of the cards, then pick someone to put a card down. Everyone has to match the suit and the highest card wins. Whoever wins, puts the next card down. If you can't match the suit, you have to pass, and when you run out of cards in your hand, you are done. Play continues until everyone is out of cards. It sounds simple, but it is really a very stressful game. I have to exert a lot of energy to convince Kaytie and Nate that the cards they have won should NOT go back in their hands. All the while working to convince Daniel that he HAS to play a card and not just any card will do; and attempting to keep Abbie from re-dealing her cards to the other kids and keep the other kids from taking them. It's not for the faint of heart.

Another day, we went swimming.

Kaytie is our water-bug. She is the first one in the pool, and she swims all over the place.

Nate just achieved the courage to strike out on his own this year. He's having lots more fun!

Daniel enjoys floating in the elephant.

Or splashing on the steps.

Abbie had fun floating in the elephant, although she tried hard to convince me that she could swim on her own!

We spent an afternoon tornado watching, and another day, I got this picture of one of the kids' favorite things...

The babies played with random toys. Pushing buttons and twisting knobs.

And of course, we did A LOT of reading. We've been working on the Summer Reading Club at the library, and Kaytie and Nate have already finished and won their prizes. The babies are over half done.

Kaytie has turned into a regular bookworm. She has started reading silently. Here, she is reading aloud to Beastie.

Abbie loves looking at books on her own even more than being read to. The contraband paci makes it all the sweeter.

Sometimes, you need a little solitude to really enjoy your book.

It might not look like it, but she really does have legs!

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SchoolinRhome said...

That pool looks quite refreshing! The reading books pictures are so cute!
I hope you have another great week!
The Lord has blessed us with wonderful blessings!
Love the rainbow as well. I love seeing a rainbow in the sky- it alwsys brightens my spirits (after the rain there is a rainbow- the same as storms of life!)

Homeschool Madness said...

Are those little puzzles from walmart? I think I've seen some that look similar there!

onemoreequalsfour said...

Wow! Ya'll have been busy! We have been organizing like mad around here and swimming every day...that is about it!

JulieMom said...

Your living room looks a little too clean.

Books are our very favorite activity in this house. (Well, next to bike riding and eating ice cream.)

We miss being able to go to the library, but we gets books sent to us from Papaw sometimes.

I wish it were warm enough here to swim!

Could I whine a little more today?

Sorry. :0)


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