Jun 19, 2008

What Little Boys are greatful for...

Against my wishes, better judgement and active struggle against it, our bedtime prayers usually fall into a certain rut. Nate says "thank you" for his Tigger and one other thing from the day (going swimming, getting dessert, and the like) and Kaytie blesses all of creation and requests a good night's sleep for everyone but those who are traveling. Yes, it did occur to her all on her own that people driving across the country should not be sleeping well. Smart girl!
(Daniel and Abbie are still in the repeat-after-mom stage)
However, every now and again, I am granted a truly creative and absolutely entertaining prayer. Like the other night, when Nate prayed, "Thank you God, for Bob 'n' Tigger and, hmmmm, peeing while brushing my teeth because that was just cool. And I peed like three times and that was funny. And Kaytie thought it was gross. Amen."
I thought it was gross, too, but I just went with the whole angle that he was talking with God, not with me, so I forbear to comment. And waited until I was out of earshot to laugh.


Anonymous said...

Tehre is nothing sweeter than the spontaneous, heartfelt prayers of a child...they are so honest

Anonymous said...
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kewkew said...

That is just so sweet. I love hearing my little ones praying. though my 4 year old does tend to keep on going and going and going.
Thanks for stopping by Throwback Thursday. I hope to see you back again this week.


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