Jul 31, 2008


I've been searching out books for Daniel. I'll be reading to him each day from books based on his theme for the week. This is all new territory in Preschool, because when Kaytie and Nate were in this stage, we had a HUGE library fine and I was unable to check out books. But now, our library is Online (whoohoo!) so not only can I renew my books at Midnight, (which is when I think of it), but I can go to their own personal search engine, type in a subject (elephants, or, foot [because feet didn't work]) and it pulls up a listing of books. I cruise through, pick out the ones I like, write title, author or DD#, and which library it lives in, down in my library notebook. So when I go to the library, I have a list to start from. I think it's, I hope it's going to be easy and fun.
Now my only concern is the fact I can only check out 100 books at a time. Which sounds like a lot, but when you consider that I am checking out pleasure-reading for 7 to 8 people and educational books for 5 different levels on a variety of topics, I'll be needing a LOT of books!!!

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