Jul 14, 2008

The good news for the week:

Daniel is peeing IN THE POTTY! He has more or less stayed dry for nearly a week (a few days he has been in diapers) but only with use of the timer and mommy-reminders. This morning, he started to pee, then STOPPED HIMSELF and ran to the bathroom! I was soooo excited I gave him TWO chocolate kisses!!!! Then, all day he has been running and peeing in the potty! All on his own. I'm so excited!!!!

He doesn't always aim well, though. sigh.

And he has the problem of only peeing a little, then having to run back in every few minutes two or three times. LOL While we were coloring at the table, he went back four times. And the fourth time, he sighed a little as he was getting out of his chair and said, "I tired of potty."

A few more days of this, and we will graduate to wearing shorts over the underwear. And experiment with going out in public diaperless. I feel giddy. Just think... this will be the first time in 4.5 YEARS that I will have only ONE child in diapers. whew!

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onemoreequalsfour said...

Yeah! Potty training is THE WORST! Thanks for checking me out and not giving up on me and I am so sorry if I hurt your feelings...you are DEFINITELY one of the 5 or 6 that I truly did miss and wondered about! I will be visiting again now, just maybe not quite so often!


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