Jul 30, 2008

The Great Book Gathering

So the great Books Needed for School gathering has begun. Kaytie and I wandered the library after gymnastics (how weird to go out in public with only one child!). I was hunting for "apple" books, checking out biographies, and scanning the non-fiction for topics that I thought might interest them.
The non-fiction section turned out to be a gold mine!!!
I'm not sure if I'm a genius :) to have found this, or an idiot :( to have never thought of it before, but I discovered Math books. Books on shapes, books about "eating" fractions, "math all around us", and even about money. I was flabbergasted, but delighted. Who would have thought that I could find cool books that the big kids can read themselves and the little kids will gladly sit through about such a textbook topic as Math? In case you, like me, have so far been just bumbling along through life, but are interested in capitalizing on my brain-storm, here are the Dewey Decimal number for math books: from 510 to 530. Happy hunting!
I also found some books on planets and the solor system that go along great with our science for the year.

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