Jul 29, 2008

More blogs

I was brainstorming ideas for writing exercises for Kaytie and Nate, and I thought: what do they love doing more than anything? Playing on the computer! So how do I use that for writing? A blog of course!!!
So I set them each up a blog today. (they made all the decisions, I did all the work) I found some cool widgets with games here that they can play. I am looking for some more "educational" ones. And they each posted their first post. At this point, their blogs are rather private, but that might change in the future. Or not. Who knows? They won't be any more personal than what I have already done here.
But the point is that now they have a place to write, where they will DEFINITELY enjoy the process, and I can keep a record of it without having to deal with yet another file folder!
I am making a list of things to have them put on their blogs:
stories (of course)
journal entries
descriptions of their environment
poems (I'm looking for "fill-in-the-blank" poetry starters)
prayer journaling
artwork (pictures of)
verses and poems they are memorizing or have memorized
book reviews
pictures they have taken
lists of favorite... books, movies, etc

And I am open to any suggestions or ideas!

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onemoreequalsfour said...

What a great idea! My kids would probably enjoy doing this! You are brilliant! I had no idea that you were in Amarillo! I probably should have known--if I had, I probably would have looked you up. Nwxt time I will definitely give you a heads up!


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