Jul 15, 2008

Our Curriculum

This is the curriculum we are using this year:
1st grade:
Horizons Math
Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy
History for Little Pilgrims
Little Lamb's Book of Art
Latin Primer (it is for 3rd grade and up, so we are mostly just going to play around with learning vocabulary and declensions. I am mostly going for exposure to the concept)
Favorite Bible Stories for Bible which is just a book of crafts, games and activities that I know they will enjoy. We will also learn Psalm 1, some memory verses from History for Little Pilgrims and be reading and applying lots of Bible stories.
Music and Language are going to be our "unschooling" subjects. We will do lots of reading. Lessons from McGuffy 1st Reader, from Reading for Christian Schools, and, for Kaytie, a book called Across America, (which is a book about character traits. It has a story from each state) and whatever library books I can wrest from the shelves. We will do lots of writing. Stories of their own making (they do that anyway, we will just be attempting to write them down) My own attempts at narration and dictation (don't laugh at me because I don't know what I'm doing!) And practicing handwriting by writing short sections of Psalms and/or our memory verses. The little bit of grammar that I want them to learn this year will come from games, stories, and chit-chat (Kaytie's favorite way of learning something new).
For music, Kaytie will have piano lessons, and both children will play here and here.
For PreK, Daniel, and Alex on the days he is with us, will do a Letter of the Week program that I wrote for the "big kids" and tweaked just for him. We will do crafts, sing songs, play math, science, and active games, read books, and, most important of all, learn a story from the Bible and a verse to go with it. He will play at internet4kids, starfall, and noggin. He will be working on ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, and Sign Language. It's all designed for having fun while learning to follow simple directions, and to keep him from whining about the big kids doing school without him (lol).
Abbie will join in with the boys where she is able. She will sing, listen to books/stories, color, play with playdough (this is a BIG thing for such a compulsive eater as she is!), paint, and just learn that SCHOOL IS FUN!
I am also taking on the teaching of my 16yo niece and 13yo nephew this year. Their schedule will look something like this:
Math, Lizzie: 1 lesson a day from her book; Bob: I'm not entirely sure, but I'm checking out Rod and Staff math for him
Gov't and Economics, 6 pages a day with written narration at the end of each chapter
Computer, 6 pgs a day Reading/writing/history,
Read The Light and the Glory and copy 1 (assigned) paragraph daily with written narration at the end of each chapter
Keep a journal (must write two paragraphs daily) for me to read and check grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Her blog will do for this if she likes.
Choose a Historical figure from Early American Era to do lapbook/report Take dictation once weekly (this is where I read a paragraph out-loud and they write it down. They then check it for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. I will "grade" it for handwriting.
Read for "fun" Calico Captive, Washington Irving stories, Hiawatha, etc
Geography, starting with the 13 colonies, will learn to find state on map, will learn capital, date of statehood, order of entry, and brief history
Bible, choose book/person/event to do a lapbook/report
Memorize Psalm 1
Bobby will also be going through our Apologia book with us and I am planning to put him "in charge" of all experiments/activities.
Lizzie has also expressed an interest in learning Latin and Sign Language with us. I wonder if either of those will count for a foreign language for her? lol

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Collegegirl said...

Some districts allow sign language as the foreign language. Also for gov't and econ, you could allow the older kids to relate back to today's times. Just suggestions!


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