Jul 27, 2008

Papa and Nana

This past week, we were blessed with a visit from Nana and Papa. Really, who else but a grandparent would watch with interest while you showed off your watermelon-eating skills?

Having Nana around meant I got a lot more "me" time, because Nana is a magnet that irresistibly attracts all the little nuts and bolts in our household! Kaytie in particular was Nana's little shadow. Meanwhile, Papa charmed the socks off of shy little Abbie, and spoiled her terribly. When the visit ended, great was the lamentation and mourning!!! But Kaytie came up with a plan, "The day after Nana and Papa leave, let's go visit them!"

1 comment:

Collegegirl said...

Nana and Papa are so much fun :)

Also-I was not homeschooled but I have friends that were and I would LOVE to homeschool when I have kiddos!


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