Jul 10, 2008

school storage

This post is for the Keeping It Real linky which you can find here. There are several good posts already!
We currently live in a small apartment, and I stick stuff wherever. We started with one of these cabinets (from Walmart, but I don't think they sell them anymore), which sits in our hallway between the kids' rooms.

But by the time I finished unpacking the stuff, Steve went and bought another cabinet. Everything goes into these cabinets except the stuff that is too big, which gets stuck behind. (I pulled them out to show you.)

The cabinets are loosely organized into "science" in the upper left, "math" in the upper right "LA" in the lower left and games/miscellaneous in the lower right. The glue bottle is in there because it is in timeout because of this incident.

The lower cabinet holds games, puzzles, workbooks, coloring books and our playdough toys.

When that started getting crowded (IE: school stuff started living on the bar because it was too much work to cram it back into the cabinet every day) I commandeered this bucket. In it, I keep everything that I KNOW we will use every day and everything I'm pretty sure we will use at least every other day. It also, for some odd reason, has Kaytie's piano books in it. It is in the corner of our dining-room right next to the table, where we do our work.

The file drawer and the tub on the floor contain the "free stuff". The drawer is full of paper, markers, stickers, scissors, etc and when the kids want to draw or whatever, I pull out the entire drawer, set it on the table and they enjoy. The tub holds our "supervised games". Again, I open it on the table and they pick out what they want, at will. But they are only allowed to play in there when I am available for total supervision.
The apple trees that you see on the wall are motivation charts for good behaviour during school and are the ONLY thing that my aesthetically conscious DH will let me put on the wall. And that was only ok because I had put them up and implemented them without asking first. It really IS easier to ask forgiveness than for permission!
This is my storage space. I have no suggestions, no tips, no ideas. Our current solution is that we are praying for a house big enough for a school-space. ;)


Brenda said...

Praying for more space sounds like an excellent solution! I understand about not wanting stuff on the walls. I don't want our dining room (it's in the kitchen so it's the only place to eat. It's not a formal "extra" dining room) to look like a school room either.
I had this idea about a home builder who should make a floor plan with a school room in it--lots of built-ins, etc. What do you think? :)

Thanks for joining in!

Julie said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog. You have a lovely family. You made me laugh with the glue-in-timeout remark! We've had that happen here as well lol. Thanks for the peek into your homeschool.

Hi I'm Sheila! said...

Your shelves look alot like mine organized chaos. LOL
Seriously though I love your storage and shelving it's wonderful and you have alot of great wonderful educational stuff.
I am sure we all could use to slim down where we don't need but, ya know I always have the hard time of what to keep and what not too. I keep thinking oh we may use this in March, we will use this in December and they come and go and we haven't used them.
But, to get it organized would be lovely.



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