Jul 8, 2008

Slow and Easy Summer Days

For the past couple of weeks, I have planned nothing for the kids as far as school. We have been swimming, playing, going to and recovering from VBS and just basically taken a break. But this doesn't mean that they stop learning. OR having fun. Here are some of the pictures I have collected over the last couple of weeks...

Abbie making music. We had a fun parade for the 4th of July, where everyone picked an instument from the instrument bin, put on a hat, and marched through the house singing Yankee Doodle, but, as I was in the parade, I didn't get any pictures. We had fun, though. :)

We finished up the Summer Reading at the library and got all of our prizes. Sunglasses were the undoubted favorite although they never last long around here. The big kids have gotten better, but our combined efforts to keep them from Daniel's destructive grasp were, ultimately, in vain. We did have fun with them and looked very very cool before he broke them all.

The kids love picnics, even if it is just taking lunch out on the cluttered balcony. However, the watermelon and lidless cups will NEVER make it to another picnic. They had an icky sticky mess before they were done.

We were given this dinosaour puzzle and were very excited about it until I got it out. It was way too complicated for us! As soon as the frustration began to flow, I just passed out pieces and said, "Here, make yourselves a dinosour any way you want!" And then we had fun! The "real" puzzle will have to wait until they are much older, or Dad can do it with just the two big kids.

The big kids made a bed in the laundry basket and stocked it with toys. The little ones took turns being the "baby" and everyone had a good time.

And of course, we have a reading picture. This picture makes me smile. They were waiting for me to read them the bedtime story, and Kaytie just kind of took over and read it herself! Very typical behaviour from my first-born. But I love how they are all listening and enjoying the book together.

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Valerie said...

Lol, I'm diggin' those shades, and yeah...way more fun with the Dino puzzle, good thinking there Mom!




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