Jul 28, 2008

Thankful Monday

It hit me today. A rough day it was, because of still reeling from our Nana-less-ness. Suddenly we were thrown back on having Mommy be Chief-of-Entertainment, and, although, Mommy is loved, and (occasionally) even appreciated, her methods of entertainment just don't measure up to Nana's. Sad but true.
Anyway, so it was a day full of fighting, weeping, destruction and the inevitable consequences of fighting, weeping and destruction. So I was desperately casting about in my mind for some reason NOT to hide in the bathroom until Steve got home... and eventually began to ponder my blessings. In the midst of writing out a master to do list for the next 3 weeks, it hit me... My greatest blessing this fall. I don't have to send Kaytie, my sweet, funny, helpful, little girl, off to Kindergarten. We will not have to adjust to being without her for the majority of our day. Nate will continue being her very best friend. Daniel will still have her around to get him a drink from the bathroom sink. Abbie will not lose her role-model for such things as gymnastics and book-loving. I will get to listen to her non-stop chatter, her endless questions, her bossing, and her plans.
There are many many benefits to homeschooling. But one of the best is getting to spend your days with the best people on earth. Even when they are bent on fighting, weeping, etc.

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