Jul 28, 2008

Updated storage

This is our updated school storage! We finally realized that moving is not in God's plan for us at the moment, so we did some thinking and worked out a system that is workable and makes all of us at least satisfied if not 100% happy. :)
Steve found this on a "reduced for damage" shelf at Lowes. It had a little crinkle on the bottom of the back. Not even noticeable and totally worth the discounted price! =D>

So all of the school supplies that we do not use on a DAILY basis go in this cabinet. It is sorted by shelf.

The top shelf is math materials. Plastic numbers, money, math games, timers, counting manipulates, math cubes, pattern blocks, etc. The sidewalk chalk is on this shelf because there was a little extra room just for it.

The next shelf is 1/2 science materials. Rocks, seashells, all of my animal collections (farm, jungle, etc.) big magnifying glasses, the odd tractor, a scale and the thermometer. The other half is special school puzzles (ABCs, numbers, and our US map puzzle) and art supplies: shaving cream, alcohol, pipe cleaners, bubble wrap and some ice trays that we use for sorting and counting and for making ice cubes for science experiments.

The next shelf is Language Arts. We have tons of movable alphabets: magnetic; foam; plastic; and puzzles; in all different sizes; in both upper and lower case. I even have letters to use with pocket charts. The bowl with the lid holds sugar for writing letters with our fingers. This shelf also holds the rest of the art supplies. Pompoms, extra glue, straws, Popsicle sticks, extra index cards, water paint boxes and special stickers.

This shelf holds all my resource books for preK and Kindergarten, and our too-big collection of coloring books. In front is a basket of paints, a container of jacks and a beanbag. On top is my stash of extra notebooks.

The bottom shelf is an odd assortment of games, play dough toys, cookie cutters, paint smocks, sponge letters, a big box of stickers, a peg board, the dinosaur puzzle, our magnetic calendar and basically everything that was too big to go anywhere else.

We took the old cabinet apart again and put them in the dining room. This cabinet is "mine". In it, I put all of the books and supplies that we will use every day or at least every other day. On top I have my project board for Circle Time. I will be updating this board a little and making another one for the big kids. We compromised that I can keep these boards here until company comes over, then I will fold them up and put them behind the cabinets.

On the top shelf of my cabinet is card games and other learning games, some of which I made, some I bought. On the left, I have folders with all of our worksheets sorted into categories. The kids love worksheets, so I have tons. I put them into sheet protectors when I hand them out so they can be used over and over. In the middle is all of my supplies, pens, markers, big scissors, pencil sharpener, and such like. On the left is Kaytie's piano books, an old old sketchbook that I'm going to try to use up this year, my Kindergarten binder (because I still need to take some stuff out of it) and our dry erase boards. They are magnetic, so they are very versatile!

The bottom shelf holds all the kids' workbooks, textbooks, notebooks and reading books. Some of my niece's books are in there, too. In the back is a big box of crayons and my bag of paper cut-outs that I use for themed manipulatives. In the front is the kids' supply boxes. I filled them with their own box of crayons, a pencil, paintbrush, scissors, magnifying glass and for the bigger kids, an eraser and colored pencils. I have number/letter charts and rulers in the front as well.

This cabinet is for the kids. It makes a handy place to keep the CD and tape player. We are going to be listening to lots of classical and fun music this year! The globe on top is inflatable. It was a lot cheaper than a traditional globe and if I ever need to, I can let the air out and store it easily!

The top shelf of the kids' cabinet is filled with art supplies. Their paper, magazine pictures, markers, stamps, bubbles, play dough and scissors are all here. Some of the stuff on this shelf should really be on the bottom shelf, but, being cramped for space, we made do. :) This cabinet still needs some work, needless to say.

The bottom shelf is for supervised games, books and puzzles. I put the lacing cards in here, too, even though we will be using them for Daniel's school.

And finally, something I forgot to put in the original post! Our book shelf! The top row is my library books, what few fiction books that aren't in storage, and just-for-school books. The second row is kids books that we own (we have more in storage) and the bottom row is the kids' library books.

So there you have it, our homeschool storage solutions. It's all ready and waiting for us to start school next month!


Julie said...

Wow, looks great! Feels good to be ready, doesn't it? I really like the project board for circle time, I may try that with my 3yo. Thanks for the inspiration.

Book said...

Super reading. Tidying up after my kids is almost a full time job! I'm always on the hunt for great children's books and have recently discovered Bayard and their series of StoryBoxBooks, AdventureBoxBooks and DiscoveryBoxBooks (which is a special Olympic edition) They have work by acclaimed children's books illustrator Helen Oxenbury appearing in the Storybox series for September. In addition to this, they also have some great activities for rainy days: http://www.storyboxbooks.com/potatoprinting.php, http://www.adventureboxbooks.com/macaroni-picture-frames.php, http://www.discoveryboxbooks.com/skittles.php Enjoy!


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