Aug 27, 2008

agendas and plans

This week’s theme is about sharing your 2008-09 homeschool agendas and plans.
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I don't know if it is pickiness, independence or just plain contrariness, but I have a hard time using anyone's stuff with out tweaking it to fit my own mental images. So just about everything that I'm going to list here will be twisted and tweaked. :)
First, we will talk about the Totschool crowd...
I created a curriculum for Kaytie and Nate when they were this age. It consists of a letter, a number, a Bible story, a Bible verse, a theme, and a shape/color every week. For example, the first week we talked about A, 1, the story of Creation, Gen 1:1, apples, and the circle. I came up with crafts, songs, games, books and learning activities that have something to do with at least one of those things. We are going through this curriculum this year, and will repeat it with a little more structure next year. So we do a little coloring, painting, water play, imaginative play, play dough, and a lot of singing, dancing, jumping, counting and reading of stories. Our goals this year are simply to learn about following instructions, and basic introduction to letters, numbers and Bible stories. The only thing I put any real emphasis on is the Bible verse, because at this age, it is very easy for them to memorize, and I believe the most important thing I can teach my kids is the Word of God.
Next, although Kaytie is in 1st grade and Nate is in Kindergarten, they do a lot of the same things. I just expect more out of Kaytie than I do from Nate. Her handwriting is better, she reads at a higher level, etc.
For math, we are doing Horizon's 1. I was initially a little concerned about this, but they passed the pretest easily, so we went with it. And so far, it has been quite easy. There is a lot of writing involved, but Kaytie's handwriting has improved dramatically after just a week, and Nate can actually write more than just 1s and 0s without help!
For science, we are working our way through Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy. This is going much more slowly than I thought it would, but they are enjoying it and retaining a lot of it, so we are plugging away.
We are using History for Little Pilgrim's for "social studies". They have really enjoyed this. The coloring books have added a lot to their interest. They are just very hands-on kids and love crafty stuff. I plan on supplementing a lot more as we go through it.
For Bible, we are reading stories, memorizing Psalm 1, and doing different crafts/games to supplement.
For Language Arts, we are doing a lot of reading, a bit of writing, and plenty of games with words and stories. Both kids love to read and listen to books and story-telling is an art form around here, so this subject is a natural one for us.
For our extras, we are listening to music, playing here, reading about composers, working our way through Little Lamb's Book of Art memorizing Latin vocabulary words and learning Sign Language.
Finally, the teenagers are doing a lot of different stuff! Bobby is finishing up his PACEs, Lizzie is doing math from a textbook her dad found, and they are both learning to narrate, notebook, and lapbook. We are winging it A LOT. I have very little idea of how to switch middle-schoolers and high-schoolers over to Charlotte Mason type learning. So we are going slowly and feeling our way along. I am also steering Lizzie more toward college prep... how to study/take notes/pass the TASP, SAT etc.
As for our schedule, it is posted in the sidebar. The little kids do school in the mornings, the big kids do school in the afternoons, and the teens show about 10 and wander off about 4. Their work is assigned weekly, so they work at their own pace and in their own way.


Kim said...

I really like that music site you shared! Thank you :-). We are doing a composer study this year.

eclectic education said...

Hope you have a good year! :)

momofmhasr said...

You have a beautiful Family! Have a fun year.

lcourtneymom said...

It is nice to meet you through the Homeschool Memoirs. I have used some of the same curriculum you mentioned when my dc were younger. I like to "tweak" too. :-)



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