Aug 31, 2008

Boats and Tears

Tot school this week was not so good. In fact, except for the teens, school did not go well at all! There was a lot of crying. A lot of fussing and fighting among themselves. Nate and Kaytie had to skip school altogether one day. How odd is that? Grounding your kids from school? I'm sure it only happens when they are this young. So, we did not get done all that I had planned to do. School kind of went into survival mode this week. But here are some of the things the tots did get to do...

We started with our color sheet, introducing the letter, the number, and the theme for the week.

Since our Bible story this week was Noah's Ark, we made rainbows. When it comes to crafts, I usually go for the experience over the method, and I interfere very little with the creative process. But I really wanted these to look like rainbows when they were done, so I was pretty heavy-handed with the guidance, insisting that they keep the colors together. I managed not to frustrate the boys, and Kaytie helped Abbie, to the delight of both girls. :) Kaytie kept her colors sorted out, but was not able to keep Abbie from sticking the glue-pot, upside down, on her (Abbie's) head. sigh.

Daniel enjoyed the gluing, and sticking on the little pieces of paper. For some reason, he kept going for the highest row. I should have worked him from the top down instead of the bottom up! (Disregard the mess in the background... creative genius is not a tidy affair!)

I got out this Noah puzzle that we got in the mail YEARS ago and I have never really used. Daniel enjoyed putting it together, although he needed lots of help since there was no boundaries or guidelines to go by. I just kept asking questions until we came across one he could answer, and find the right piece.
Alex had no interest in the puzzle at all, but Abbie enjoyed watching Daniel put it together, then she and I talked about the animals she could find, and discussed the sounds they made.

Then we pretended to be animals, and marched into the ark (under the dining-room table) This was the hit of the week. They loved picking an animal to be and then making the noise and doing the walk. This is Alex's interpretation of a giraffe...

Alex had to go home, but I gave Daniel and Abbie water to draw with. The point was to show them how to "write" with water and their finger. The water beaded up on the pan, which they thought was cool, and much more fun than just writing on the cement. They started out "on task",

But the project soon turned into this...

And finished up with this...

Another day, and another attempt at "writing" fun, I gave them sidewalk chalk. They love the idea of sidewalk chalk, but they usually only keep at it long enough to get themselves and the balcony icky with chalk, then they are done.

Another active game was Hide-And-Go-Seek. A long time family favorite.

Abbie counted with Mom's help.

And found Kaytie!

I gave them the pegboard to play with. I attempted to discuss colors and shapes, but the boys quickly discovered that if you stack the pegs high enough, they will fall over with a loud clatter.

And that was great fun...

I also gave them counting bears to sort by color. The boys did very well with this task, but neither enjoyed it as much as Abbie did. She played with those bears forever, shouting "Uh-oh!" whenever she found one lying down, then helping it up with great compassion.

Another day, they glued shapes to make boats.

Then, we went fishing for boats.

Abbie was so enthralled with this game that she didn't want to take turns. She caught her boats with great delight, then lay face-down on the floor and wept bitter tears until her turn came back round again. It's tough being one year old, and the youngest to boot!
See what I mean?

Don't ask me why she is screaming. I'm not sure she knew herself.

We made boats out of laundry baskets and went sailing. I sang "Row Row Row", then tipped the basket over at the end of the song. It was a big hit.

And finally, I gave the boys car puzzles to put together. This deck of puzzles was at the Dollar Tree. They have already gotten my money's worth out of it. :)

Hopefully, this week will be a better week. For more Totschool posts, see Carissa at 1+1+1=1

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One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like the "tots" had a fun week. We all have rough weeks like you described, hope things get better!!! :)


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