Aug 23, 2008

First week

Totschool is hosted weekly at 1+1=1.

You can read about our first day of Totschool here.

We were busy the rest of the week, too. Alex wasn't here on Tuesday, but Daniel and Abbie were thrilled when I gave them markers and paper trees and told them to color some apples on their leaves.

Hmm, what does this thing do, exactly?

I gave them red markers, but Daniel had to have more colors to complete his masterpiece.

Then I gave them apples and raisins to practice counting. Daniel really liked this game and counted his ten raisins three times.

This is Abbie's way of saying, "Raisins? Oh, are there supposed to be TEN? I can't count that high you know, and I have no idea why I only have four raisins left. Don't bother looking for the other raisins in my mouth, 'cause we all know they wouldn't be THERE!"

This is why I gave them raisins to count instead of something less edible. :)

Then I gave Daniel a sheet with shapes on it and let him trace them with his All-Time FAVORITE thing EVER! A dry-erase marker. He was very careful and responsible with it, and even enjoyed erasing his work and doing it all over again.

Then I let them play around with some apples. Daniel remembered the stem from the day before.

Then we played Simon Says. This was meant to loosely tie in to our Bible story of the week, "Creation" . They all had a lot of fun playing this. They took turns being Simon, and even Daniel did a good job coming up with things for us to do. He got stuck on an animal theme, though, and I lost track of how many times Simon said to "hop like a frog".

Then, we gathered some imaginary baskets and marched off to our imaginary orchard to pick some imaginary apples. I couldn't get any good pictures of them actually picking, but Abbie is showing me the apple she just picked, (see the results of the marker-fun on her hands?)

and Daniel is eating one.

After we got them all picked, we went back to the "barn" and sorted them and then fixed imaginary applesauce. Then we got to "eat" it! They have such good imaginations and they enjoyed this game a lot, but Abbie cracked me up, because while the rest of us were busy picking and cooking, she kept "sneaking" the apples and eating them. The other kids fussed at her for eating all the apples and not leaving enough for applesauce. :))

The next day, we started with play dough. This was for "creating" and so I could show Daniel how to make letters and numbers out of play dough. It went over so well, by the time I got them to stop, we were out of time for school. Abbie enjoyed herself greatly, but I really don't think she ever touched her play dough. She was way too busy with the cutters, rollers, and the container.

Daniel knew exactly what to do, though.

The next day, I got out the pattern blocks. And again, they were such a hit that nothing else much happened. This is only the second time Daniel has played with these, and he surprised me by immediately building in 3-D.

Then he ran off to the bedroom and came back with cars and trucks. He had a very good time building bridges and roads for his trucks.

Abbie enjoying the pattern blocks. She learned to say, "triangle".

This is how she felt about that.

This is how she felt about not being allowed to mess up her sister's picture. Mean ol' mom!

The best thing about Totschool is when clean-up is just as much fun as the game was. Daniel put his blocks in the back of his trucks, drove them to the bucket and dropped them in.

I made a sun like this. Kaytie copied it, and then Daniel copied hers. This one is Daniel's.

We finished the pattern blocks with just enough time to hunt for paper apples in the bedroom. The boys work together very well.

I only planned a four day week, to keep the pressure off of me, so on Friday, instead of school, we went swimming. :) The benefits of homeschooling.

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SchoolinRHome said...

WOW! What a great week of Tot School- very creative ideas! Thanks for sharing. Your children are darling!
Have another great week!
Enjoy what God has blessed us each with! :)
In His love,


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