Aug 15, 2008

Just a Little Longer

This is why I love my husband. :) I lost Abbie's last paci one evening. It was bedtime before we discovered the loss. So we decided that she was old enough to give it up. After all, Nate was 14 months when he weaned from the paci, and it was just such a reason as this that Daniel weaned a few months ago. So. No more paci. Except, it didn't actually work out that way. Nate forgot to ask for his paci one night, and never looked back. Daniel fussed the first night, then let it go. Abbie was not as successful. After two terribly short naptimes and two terribly long nights, Dad packed Abbie up and took her to Walmart. She picked out a pink paci with unspeakable joy and unutterable relief. She would not let it out of her grasp for days. Now she is back on the "only in your bed" train, but we all agree that she just isn't quite ready to let it completely go, yet. Someday, but not tonight. :)

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