Aug 17, 2008

Just a Thankful Thought

In the midst of all the fun and craziness of getting ready for school next week, I am pausing for a moment of gratitude.
If we were doing the public school thing, Kaytie would be starting school this year. Next week, instead of being the beginning of our fun school adventure, would be our last week of having Kaytie around all day every day.
I am so incredibly thankful that I won't be missing my little girl for several hours every day. Kaytie is my "big helper". She is dearly loved by her brothers and sister. She is Nate's best friend. Daniel will let her assist him when it is beneath his dignity for Mom to help. Abbie adores and mimics her constantly. What would we do all day, or even all morning, without her?
I know I have mentioned not missing her daily presence before, but I am even more thankful that we won't be losing our girl in more insidious ways. Kaytie is a pleaser. She loves to be in the middle of the crowd. I know she would give up a lot of her identity and values to fit into the school world. She would lose that sensitive little spirit of Godliness that is slowly taking root in her heart. She would be forever torn between the values of the school and the values we have.
And finally, I am thankful that she will not be entering an academic world that will not challenge her. Kaytie is smart, but she is not driven. She learns in the "accepted" way, so she would probably excel by their standards. But she would never meet her potential in a traditional school setting, because she could easily skate by.
How blessed we are by our ability to homeschool!

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