Aug 4, 2008

That's just gross!

I've never been easily grossed out. I did grow up with six older brothers after all. But suddenly, now that my boys are 2 and 4, they have the incredible ability to wrinkle my nose in disgust. I think it has something to do with the fact that only yesterday I was snuggling their freshly-bathed little bodies into sweet blue sleepers, wrapping them up in soft warm blankets and gazing into their beautiful blue eyes as they drifted off to sleep. I loved that. But now they are grubby little guys who eat dirt and pick their nose. What happened?!?
Not only do the boys "sword fight with their pee" (and yes, that is a direct quote from Nate), but burping is now funny. Nate told us this joke yesterday: "Why did the poop cross the road? Poop can't walk 'cause it don't have legs!!!" And all three "boys" laughed. Later, Daniel stuck his fingers up his nose, yelled, "Watch THIS!" and pretended to sneeze them out again.
I miss the sweet little newborns.

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