Aug 16, 2008

Back to School Bash

We wound up having our Back to School Bash in segments. Friday night, we took the kids to the park and had a Back-To-School-Family-Night-Olympic Games-Party. I made gold medals and an Events list on the computer, packed up balls, discs, jump ropes, and batons, and dressed everyone in their Team USA uniforms. :) We had 17 Official Events and I took over 100 pictures so this slideshow is only a glimpse of the fun we had.
We ran races: a regular race, two kinds of relays and an egg and spoon. We threw, kicked and rolled balls. We had a discus throw, a rope walk, and attempted standing on one foot with varying success. We had a high jump, a long jump, and a jump rope event. We finished up with climbing, sliding, and free playing on the playground equipment. The kids enjoyed themselves for the most part, although keeping them focused and off the playground was a full-time job for both us. Kaytie was the most into it. Abbie, of course, had the hardest time. She was all about the relay race until Kaytie took the baton away from her. She would have nothing to do with jump rope. She threw it on the ground, gave it a "So there!" look and stomped away. But they all loved putting on their sticker after each event. Since there was no way for them to really compete against each other, with their different ages and levels of interest, I just had participation stickers for them to pick and stick in each box. Alex's is empty, because he had to go home with his mom instead of coming with us. :(
The funniest part was during the "High Jump", Abbie couldn't jump at all, so Daniel went over to help her! She was a scratch in the Long Jump, too, but Dad gave her extra points for "form", since she did an adorable little dance instead.
After all the events, we had an Awards Ceremony, and everyone got a gold medal. The entire event was considered a success because there was no crying, we did not get rained on, and there was only one, very minor, injury to an athlete.

Our medals and our score sheet.

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