Sep 10, 2008

The Anti-Genius Post

This is to counteract the "mommy-geniousness" of the penguin post...

Around the house, as the day goes by, I sing a lot. (This is to stave off the insanity.) (It also amuses my niece.) Sometimes I sing real songs, sometimes I sing made up songs, sometimes I do it on purpose, often I do it without thinking.
This is my only real defence for the fact that I taught my children, my sweet, innocent, impressionable young children the simple song:
"I see London!
I see France!
I see Daniel's underpants!"

Yes, I did.

They loved it.

I hang my head in shame.


Mommy Brain said...

Hey, you were teaching them geography. And that it's a good idea to wear underpants. And...yeah, that's all I got.


Simplicity said...

Aaahhh. I too did that. Without thinking. When Carrie was quite young, we went to the park to play. My hubby was playing "around" on the merry-go-round, jumped off and ripped his pants. Immediately and without any thought at all, I started singing THAT song. Carrie, of course, picked up on it immediately, and that became her favorite song for what seemed like a really long time! I believe she even sang it in church a few times. :) Sweet memories--a tad bit humiliating at times, but sweet.

MoziEsmé said...

Oh yeah - I can imagine they'd love it! But what's the harm - I remember all the stupid songs I loved as a kid and plan to teach them to my baby, too, much to my hubby's dismay . . .


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