Sep 25, 2008


So I've been feeling a little guilty that I've posted so many posts about Totschool, and not so much about the big kids. Thing is, there is no Mr Linky for Kindergarten and First Graders. And I am motivated by deadlines. (That's why I make lesson plans.)
However, yesterday, the "big kids", with the help of their favorite teen aged boy cousin, affectionately known as "the Bob", did something so cool I rushed to write about it. No kidding. They were so jazzed about this that they kept dragging me into the bedroom all evening so I could stand and admire it with them.
We made a solar system. We are doing Apologia science, which is great fun and very informative (although we are going MUCH MUCH MUCH more slowly than their recommended schedule, due to short attention spans and too much bouncing on the couch) And the solar system was the first project. Bobby did the work, (including the kids in a truly awesome way) as a part of his schoolwork. And by the time he was finished blowing up balloons and hanging them from the ceiling, he had taught the kids so well which planet was which and which order they came in that they have been spouting it ever since. Exciting stuff!

We were not terribly exacting when it came to sizes and distances. Bobby just guesstimated it, which was good enough for our purposes. And try as I might, I could not get a picture of the whole thing without including the ceiling-fan. I never thought ceiling-fans were so egotistical, but this one just would NOT stay out of the picture. I even promised it a picture all by itself, but I guess it didn't believe me...

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Simplicity said...

We did Apologia Astronomy last school year--and the one before that (it took us awhile to get through it--so many great things to do!). I loved the paper clip activity that shows how far apart the planets are. We strung them through the house first, then we took them out to the driveway.

I love that "the Bob" helped out. That's so neat!

:) Jodi


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