Sep 6, 2008

C and 3

We had a much better time doing school this week. We took Monday off, of course, because Dad was home from work. We wound up going on a picnic with the cousins. And we started back to school on Tuesday, fresh and refreshed.
This week, our theme was clouds, our letter was C and our number 3. Our Bible story was Elijah and the prophets of Baal. One of my favorite stories to tell little kids.
We started by matching numbers and letters. I made the mats on the computer, and pulled out our magnetic and foam letters and numbers.
Daniel flew through the numbers, but had a lot of trouble with the letters. He kept wanting to put everything on G.

Abbie, of course, had no clue, but she had fun anyway.

Daniel sorted raindrops by size. He was not very interested in this project. It seems that sorting is just not his thing.

However, he obviously LOVED painting with shaving cream!

The big kids had to get involved with this.

And everyone had a good time.

Except for Abbie. She was grossed out by the mere thought of touching that stuff. Nothing I did could convince her to play with it, and she insisted on washing her hands thoroughly afterwards.

I showed Daniel how to draw in it, and how to write a C and a 3. But he mostly just enjoyed making a mess.

Abbie did enjoy our next project: building with marshmallows and toothpicks.

Daniel made lots of little dumb-bells. Or maybe they were axles and wheels?

Once again, the big kids had to do it, too. Kaytie made quite the elaborate structure.

Building with marshmallows is fun. But eating marshmallows is better.

After the marshmallows were gone, Daniel made me a birthday cake!

Then I gave them clouds with numbers on one side and letters on the other side. They had to find the correct cloud...

And then trace it.

I gave them these cards and some plastic animals to practice counting.
Alex enjoyed this and did a good job counting. And Abbie was THRILLED with the animals. She nearly hyperventilated at the sight of the ducks! But Daniel was pretty much just bored with the whole idea.

Both boys did very well copying the cloud patterns I made for them. Then I let them just stick the cards in the pockets, and Daniel played this way for a long time.

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Julie said...

What a wonderful post, it looks like they all had so much fun. The pics of your little one and the shaving cream are too cute!! Have a blessed weekend.

MoziEsmé said...

Abbie's face looks like my Esme's when we did fingerpainting in F week. All the work to make the paints, and then she wouldn't touch them!

I can't wait to try shaving cream in S week!

Kellie said...

Shaving cream painting looks like tons of fun!!! And what cute little cloud mats!! I love them.

melanie said...

We are doing the letter C in 2 weeks so I am excited to have gotten some ideas from you!!


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