Sep 30, 2008

Elephants, E and 5

So, I am really really late posting this, but it has been a crazy week and I haven't spent much "fun" time on the computer. But, here it is. Elephant week in Totschool.
The kids had a great time pretending to be elephants. The blanket is river, where they are using their trunks to get a drink. This was Kaytie's idea...

I gave them shapes to sort into muffin tins. Daniel loved this and got a little goofy about it.

One evening, Dad was gone to a meeting, and we got bored on our own, so I let them play in the supervised toy cabinet. They had a blast.

Our favorite tic tac toe game that I got for a $1 at Target.

Our book of magnetic letters that was given as a birthday present last year.

This is a bowling game that I found at Dollar Tree. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that Daniel had sorted all the pins by color before he knocked them down! As his Dad said, "That boy is doing too much school!" LOL!

We practiced synchronized snacking...

I gave the kids elephant dot to dots and dry erase markers. But Daniel's favorite part was wiping off his work.

Abbie, on the other hand, had a "thing" about the toilet paper, and seemed almost grossed out about it.

We decorated pumpkins and glued on leaves and stems. Daniel concentrated very hard and did a very good job.

Abbie was a little more relaxed and carefree. :)

The finished product: Nate's, Kaytie's, Daniel's, and Abbie's.

Of course, we had our usual coloring page. Abbie's coloring skills improve weekly. The first week, she did nothing but eat crayons. The second week, I got a mark or two out of her. Now she decorates freely before she starts snacking on the wax.

Daniel focusing and working hard.

This was, by far, the best event of the week! I only have one of these, and I don't know where it came from, but they had the best time decorate their giant letter E with it!

Abbie was very impressed that it actually worked. She would mark on her paper, then look in amazement at the pen. I never could capture the look of awe on camera, though.

Since our number this week was 5, we played a game called "Do It 5 Times".

Jump like a frog 5 times.

Blink your eyes 5 times.
We also did, "clap your hands", "turn around", "stomp your foot", "jump", "touch your toes", and "pat your head".

I gave them elephants with numbers on, and peanuts. Daniel identified the number (with my help) and then counted out the right number of peanuts to each elephant.

Abbie just fed each elephant a peanut.

And, I don't know what happened to the pictures, but Daniel sorted E, e/ not E, e with foam and plastic letters, and did VERY well. I gave him one of each to "match" and he did it all by himself with his only mistake being confusing the c that was in the cup. I was surprised and impressed.

We had a fun week of Totschool. For more Totschool posts, click here.

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Simplicity said...

Thank you! Thank you!

I have been needing some inspiration lately when it comes to preschool!

I don't seem to be doing the fun, joyful things with Josh that I did when my older kids were preschoolers. You and Jamin' have been such encouragers this morning!

You're kids look so totally happy. I love your Totschool posts. What joy and wonder--all captured on a thing called a Blog!

(BTW--a friend told me that you can "publish" your blog into a scrapbook! I think I'm going to ask for it for Christmas! The easy way to scrapbook!)

Oh! And thank you for helping me to see my blog addiction in a different light--you called it your "computer fun." I've been feeling guilty when I get on the computer to read and write blogs. Not anymore!!



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