Sep 15, 2008

I'd like to thank all of those who made this possible...

I got an award!!!!! I feel loved. :) It was given to me by my very good friend.... Ummm... ok, so I have no idea what her name is... I think of her as the wonderful blogger who has the same number of kids that I do, and yet has retained a little more sanity than I have. Really, it's true. Check it out 1 more = 4. She's funny, too. And her kids are cute.

So, the bad news is, this award comes with rules...

You may choose 5 awardees
Choose 4 faithful readers of your blog.
1 should be someone new or someone far away.

Do you see the problem? Yes, that is right... I don't have 4 faithful readers! At least, not that I know of. (yes, yes, I know it would be more likely to have faithful readers if I was a faithful blogger, but that is hardly the point right now! so shush!) So, I need to give it someone... hmmm... I know! I'll give it to the last four commenters!

So here goes, I'm giving this award to 1 more...(oh well, drat! I guess I can't give it back to her, huh? let's start over)

I'm giving this award to Mommy Brain (who has herself some adorable and hilarious twin girls!)

to Striving for Simplicity who also has four kids, a rational train of thought, and a sense of humor

to Fun in the Sun who also has four kids (are you sensing a trend here?) and has some good homeschooling info on her blog. I haven't been blurking on her blog very long, but I enjoy what I see.

and to Aiming High who I just met through the Homeschool Memoirs meme, but who made me laugh. ;)

and finally, to School in R home I don't know how often she reads my blog, but I read hers often and enjoy it immensely. Her's was one of the first homeschool blogs I found way back in the day, and I have loved it ever since. She has some great ideas for preschoolers (and non-preschoolers, too) and some very adorable towheads!


Anonymous said...

Blurking? I love learning new words. I feel so educated now. I am so flattered to be included in the "four kids club." I except the nomination for Super Mom of the Year. You may all turn to me for advice for I am, I'm sure, a much better parent since I have one more than you all.
Seriously though, thanks for thinking of me. And, like you, I have no idea if I even have four faithful readers. I will have to get creative with my handouts too. :>)
Many Blessings,

Simplicity said...

Thank you!!
Little did you know that I am one of your faithful readers. I'm just not a faithful commenter, because I usually have someone yelling, "Mommmmmmyyyyy!" and have to run before commenting.

I agree with Holly...I love the word "blurking!" Very creative!

I also have to tell you that my 12-year old, Carrie, snickered when I told her that you think I have a "rational train of thought." One of these days, I'll blog about the day she really thought I lost it. :)

And one more thing...Joshua LOVES your music! He laughs at your penguin and asks me to turn up the "feaker."

Thanks again!

Mommy Brain said...

Awwww, this is my very first award ever. I AM actually a faithful reader. Just not a faithful commenter. And I just realized that by using my feed reader instead of visiting, I'm missing out on a good playlist and some great quotes.


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