Sep 8, 2008


Due to our peculiar family circumstances, which I will not go into at this time, the kids and I spend a lot of time (usually in the van) waiting. This can get tedious with many small children. Over the years, we have played a lot of games...
I say, "Everybody put your hands on your head." Or belly, back, knees, etc.
but there are only so many body parts they can find before they tire of this game
We play I Spy or 20 Questions or "Can you find a W? A square? Something blue?"
but the littlest ones don't do well with games like these
Or we sing songs: The Wheels on the Bus; Peter and John; Have You Ever Seen a Cloud?
but there is always a disagreement about which song, and usually someone doesn't want to sing at all
So, enter my latest flash of Mommy-genius... Penguins.
The rules are simple.
  1. Everyone closes their eyes and counts how many penguins they can see.
  2. They report to me their number.
  3. I pick one of those numbers as the winner.
  4. Everyone cheers.
  5. Start over with step one.

They beg for this game... And it takes zero energy on my part. Sometimes, I am dazzled by own brilliance. :))


Simplicity said...


That's all I can say!


MoziEsmé said...

Genius! Never would have come up with that one in a million years . . .


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