Sep 24, 2008

Pirates or Thomas?

I was talking with Daniel about his upcoming birthday, and trying to talk him into this cake. He loves the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, so I was talking up a pirate cake with all my might, but no, he wanted a Thomas cake.
Finally, I said, "But don't you want a ship?"
Suddenly, he was all interested. "A ship? Yes! Let's have a ship in our house!"
"Yeah! A ship cake will be fun!"
His face fell and he gave me a dirty look as though he had discovered a trick. That's when I realized he thought I was offering him a real ship. Sigh. So now we are back to a Thomas cake, and I am trying to talk Nate into a pirate ship cake.


Simplicity said...

Try offering the Treasure Hunt with the cake and pirate theme.

Joshua was set on a Hot Wheels car theme with a car track cake. I really wanted the pirate theme. It was the treasure hunt that made the difference!

And it was so simple...I took pictures of the places that they were supposed to go to next so that Joshua could be the head pirate--no reading involved for him and no having to be super-creative with rhyming clues for me! :)

Birthdays are so much fun!

Can't wait to see pictures of the big day!


Mommy Brain said...

This is a great lesson on why I should stop gathering opinions from my own pair of 2 year olds. Halloween costume requests have changed four times in two weeks. Mental note: don't ask about their birthday. Just pick something I think they'll like.


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