Sep 22, 2008

Review and Fair Week

Totschool this week was reviewing the first four weeks. I planned it this way to give us all a light week every now and again, and to have a chance to repeat the stuff they really loved as well as get to the things I ran out of time for on the actual week. However, this week, it turned out that we didn't have much time for Totschool because real life got in the way.
The first day, the boys did their apple sorting game again. See the smug look when he did it quickly and without any help?

I gave them apples with numbers on them and some blocks to use as seeds. They had to ID the number and then count the correct number of "seeds". They are both touch-and-go on number recognition, so this was a good game for that. They both counted very easily, although they both had issues forgetting what they were counting to. :)

We also reviewed our Creation story with these cards.

They next day, we repeated some old games and they got to float boats in water.

Kaytie got wet and went to dry off in the sun.

The biggest reason we didn't get much school done was because of the fair.
They got to pose with a firetruck. This was a big thing for Daniel because he lives for firetrucks!

We were given armbands, so the kids got to ride rides. Abbie was too short to ride anything but the carousel.

Daniel was overjoyed to ride this helicopter. It was the first thing he rode "alone". Without Kaytie or Nate with him. But he wasn't worried a bit, as you can tell.

We got to pet goats, deer, and get up close and personal with a llama. Abbie is pretending to be scared here. She is our animal lover and never gets enough of them.

We had a picnic on the fairgrounds. We brought our own.

Abbie loved the chickens and roosters! She kept crowing back at them.

And they got to see and touch and pose with a giant pumpkin! This pumpkin weighed more than all five kids put together!

The last day of the week, we went to the park on a playdate with our cousins, but I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures of that adventure.

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Julie said...

Oh what fun! I haven't been to the fair in ages. Love the pics, especially the pumpkin one. You have such cute kiddos :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving get well wishes. I am feeling much better! Have a super week. Julie


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