Oct 12, 2008

Big and Little

Abbie started Totschool this week with a fashion show.

When I made up this preK/totschool curriculum, I had a little trouble with some of the letters, so some of my themes are a little bit of a stretch to match both the letter and the Bible story. This was one of those weeks. The letter was G, the story was David and Goliath, and the theme was Giant and Tiny (which in reality became big and little). So we started with these cards, which I found here an inspirational blog that is an awesome insight into Montessori. Daniel did not quite get the point of the exercise, but he enjoyed using his magnifying glass, and he did a wonderful job matching the little pictures to the big ones.

Then Daniel pointed out Gs and gs on this sheet. He is very good at matching. He did this very well after I pointed out the first ones to him.

We did our usual color sheet. Abbie is attempting to point out the "baby g" on her sheet.

Our number this week was 7. So they all lined up and took 7 steps to see how far they could get. This was a big hit and we did it over and over and over and...

The little ones glued big and little shapes onto their paper. We talked about shapes and sizes.

Abbie used the right end of her paintbrush!!!!

The boys took this work very seriously. But I had to talk hard and fast to get Daniel to do the last shape. I don't know why, but he decided he was done and didn't want to do the last one. Silly kid.

Then we matched big toys to similar little toys.

They enjoyed this, too, and they all had to do it several times.

First I set out the big ones and they matched the little ones. Then I set out the little ones and they matched the big ones.

Then we tried getting as big as we could.

And as small as we could. (this isn't a dramatization of the story of Joseph, I promise! lol I didn't realize Abbie was even in the picture until I uploaded it)

We deflated the globe, to make it small.

And inflated it to make it big.

We talked about how bigger doesn't always mean heavier, and how two objects of different weights fall at the same speed. And we built two towers to see which would fall faster, the big one or the little one.

Then I let them build towers with their blocks.

And knock them down at will.

For more Totschool posts, check out Carissa's blog and say a prayer for her morning sickness to go away!


teachingtinytots said...

looks like fun! i love the boa and fuzzy hat picture!

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I've been struggling with splitting my time between my 2nd grader and my preschooler. I feel I've lost all my preschool creativity. You make it look easy! I'm going to check out Carissa's site too. Thanks!


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