Oct 20, 2008


Our cousins, who fit neatly between Kaytie and Nate in age, are also homeschoolers, so we are getting together once a month this year to share an "educational experience".
Last month, we met at a park and had a Back to School picnic. This month, my sister-in-law planned a Kindergarten-sized lesson on the Election.
First, we colored pictures of a voter.

And added American Flag stickers.

Abbie minded her manners and didn't even eat ONE crayon! What a little lady. :)
Nate drew a spider on the back of his voter. ((sigh)) And Daniel drew a duck on the back of his.

Alex refused to participate. Doesn't he look happy to be there? Silly kid.

They called for the beagle, Clifford, who was very excited by all the attention.

Aunt Melissa read them this book, which is hilarious, although the humor is a little over the kids' heads. :)

Then they voted in the awesome election booth Uncle Kris made.

This is a sample ballot.There was a little pre-voting campaigning, when Bailey pointed out that she doesn't like Obama because he smokes. (snicker)

Aunt Melissa says it is illegal to ask someone who they voted for, but we had no secrets in THIS election! The boys voted for Duck and the girls voted for McCain. Daniel and Abbie abstained. (I guess they weren't the legal age, yet?) So Bailey and Zack's Grandma voted, and McCain won. Oh we are so hoping!

They each got a flag sticker for voting, and then got to eat TWO cookies and drink endless cups of apple juice. (Aunt Melissa spoils us!)

Then they played for awhile. We always have fun with our cousins!
Next month, it will be Thanksgiving, at our house.


Julie said...

Oh what fun! In my house the duck probably would have won lol. Or a cat write-in. How very neat to have the monthly themes. Can't wait to see what happens for Thanksgiving. :)

Liz said...

that's funny. I'm surprised abbie didn't vote for duck. yes I'm planning on going to D-NOW


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