Oct 6, 2008

F is for Feet and Fall

For Totschool this week, we learned about F, f and feet. Our Bible story was the story of Peter and John and the lame man. (the little song that goes along with this story is one of our favorites)
We did our usual coloring of our letter sheet, and a Bible story picture, then we got into the subject of feet...

We started by painting our feet and stamping on paper. I intended to do it in pink, since that was our color of the week, but Daniel felt strongly about using yellow, so we went with it.

Then we traced the little ones' feet, and I let them color them.

We played with sidewalk chalk.

Daniel had more fun coloring in his hands and feet than writing on the cement.

We did puzzles. After I put the first piece in for him and convinced him that he was on his own, he put the rest of this four-piece puzzle together.

Abbie played with the peg-board. She was not interested in any of my learning games, she just wanted to move them around.

We danced to music, using our "dancing feet". This is one of their favorite activities.

Then, on Friday, the kids had a special treat. I had to help Dad out at work, so Lizzie taught school. :) Kaytie was concerned at first about her acting like Amelia Bedillia, but I think it all worked out ok. :)
They used their footprints to measure different things around the house.

And they hunted for pink objects. Abbie doesn't quite have her colors down yet, although she gets an A for enthusiasm!!!!

And they made animal tracks with shaving cream. We talked about and looked at different tracks earlier in the week, so they were prepared for this activity.

Abbie was still grossed out by the shaving cream...

She also had them walk on their tiptoes and their heels, but the pictures didn't turn out well at all for that.

And on Saturday, we went out to a nearby farm for some fall fun. I'm going to do a separate post for this, but the tots got to pick pumpkins, play in corn, climb hay and wander through mazes. We had a fun time!

For more Totschool posts, and more ideas, check out Carissa's blog.

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teachingtinytots said...

what a fun week! i love using shaving cream on the dining room table every now and then its fun for them and it gets it spotless and shiny!


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