Oct 31, 2008


For Halloween this year, the kids pretty much picked what they wanted to be. I was very happy that they "matched" and co-ordinated. The costumes were pretty easy, too. Kaytie reused her dress from 2 years ago. The crown and earrings are new. Abbie's dress was a thrift store find, she had a crown that matched Kaytie's, but I didn't attempt the earrings with her. The boys' hats, eye patches, and other pirate accouterments came in a set from the Dollar Tree. I bought a package of T-shirts that Steve cut and dirtied. Daniel's pants were .50cents and were also redesigned by Daddy. Their belts were .50cents apiece and their vests are their good suit vests turned inside out.

One-Hand Nate posed with Princess Kaytlin, whom he saved from the "bad guys".

Princess Abigail, in all her splendor. I had to do some talking to get the dress off of her at the end of the evening.

Princess Kaytlin learned to curtsy in ballet.

The Royal Sisters posing together.

Ahoy there, Mateys! Eagle-Eyed Dan is scanning the horizon!

One-Hand Nate was thrilled with his new hook.

While Eagle-Eyed Dan kept a sharp lookout for sails.

Don't they look quite fierce?

And here's the whole group of Pirates and Princesses, waiting for their candy!

After we went Trick-or-Treating, Alex came over for a Treasure Hunt and a pumpkin cookie.
It was a good evening, but Mommy is glad it is over! :)

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