Oct 23, 2008


I need help.
I have promised Kaytie that I will start teaching her to cook for her birthday which is only a couple months away.
So I need some fun but easy recipes to use. I'm looking for stuff that I can show her, set her up with, and let her do it as independently as possible. Any ideas?

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Julie said...

I wish I had some answers to your question...my mom wouldn't let me near her in the kitchen so I don't know what kind of recipes you should start with. Maybe pancakes? Think she could handle a griddle? Anyway, I feel like a heel about never responding to the award you gave me! Sorry about that, I kept putting it off and putting it off...thank you so much for thinking of me, and be assured, I am a faithful follower of your blog. :) Hope you are having a blessed week with your penguins.


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