Oct 8, 2008


I have always heard that kids go through a "Why?" phase. So far, thankfully, none of my kids have done this. However, they HAVE driven me to go through a similar phase. I often wander the house asking,
Why did someone stand on the train bin until the bottom fell out?
Why would you haul off and smack your (at least in this moment) innocent brother up the side of the head?
Why does Abbie prefer to eat crumbs off the floor instead of real food off of her plate?
Why are people screaming when there is no danger in the vicinity?
Why did a ball/block/baby doll just whiz past my head?
Why is Abbie chewing on teeny tiny beads that I did not know were in the house?
Why do sippy cups mysteriously disappear mere moments before each meal and only reappear once I've started the dishwasher?
Why did I find little boy underwear on top of the kitchen cabinets?
Why is there water all over the bathroom floor?
Why does Daniel think the wall is a giant napkin?
Why does it matter what color fork you eat off of?
Why did Nate ask me if he could get the big train set out if he was going to do it anyway the minute my back was turned?
Why does Kaytie fervently believe she is in charge?
Why is there hysterical laughter coming from the bedroom?
Why don't these people stop and think before they act and speak?
and above all...
Why do I dread the day I will have no reason to wander the house and ask, "WHY?"


MoziEsmé said...

Very cute! I think I have a lot of the same why issues!

Julie said...

Great post! I am so with you on the sippy cup issue lol.


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