Nov 24, 2008

sewing and hammering and sandpaper letters

I wasn't going to add anything else until I switched to Christmas stuff, but I had a few ideas that I couldn't wait to implement. So, we have,

sandpaper letters. I took construction paper to the Teacher's Resource Center and used their die-cuts to make my letters. I used those for other purposes that I will blog about later, but first, I used them to trace letters on sandpaper, which I cut out and glued onto squares of red construction paper. I really made these with Alex in mind, then he went to his dad's. Daniel and Abbie were polite about it, but honestly were not very interested.

I also put out lacing cards. Which were a hit.

Abbie did well with them, too.

And sound jars. I filled them with popcorn, beans, coins and cotton balls. Abbie loves shaking them, Daniel is not that interested. I only gave them 1/2 of the jars. Daniel could see through them, and matched them by sight and not by sound. And Abbie did not get the concept of matching them at all.

I added apples and a tree to the flannel graph set. Still not enough to tempt Abbie, but Daniel had fun counting his apples and pretending to eat them off the tree.

And their favorite. A hammering work. It consists of a ball of play dough, 5 golf tees, a doll plate, and the hammer from the boys' toolbox.

Abbie just pounds away, but Daniel follows my instruction of holding the tee with one hand while he hammers with the other.
I won't show pictures, but they are still going strong with other choices, as well. Such as,
bean pouring,
shape matching,
bear/color matching,
tweezing pompoms,
bear dressing puzzles
trucks and popcorn
water transfer
tonging pumpkins
and puzzles

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MoziEsmé said...

I love the way you have things organized! I'll be stealing some ideas when we finally get moved... :)


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