Nov 13, 2008


This is one of those rare moments when I feel totally brilliant and completely satisfied. :)

(just a moment while I bask in my own glow)

Ok, here's what I've been doing today...
Well, first, the back story: my kids LOVE to play on the computer. (probably because they have two parents who spend a lot of time on it?) And I am always running across sites that they would like and learn from. I stick them in my favorites list and go on my way. Then, when it's time for them to play, or I'm planning a lesson, I rarely have the time or the energy to look back through my 100s of bookmarked sites for anything specific (organization is not exactly my strong point). So we fall back on Starfall or Noggin. It works, but isn't exactly satisfying for any of us.
Then, I found this wonderful mom and I was inspired. A squidoo lens was just the thing! So I set up our lens and spent the day filling it with sites for the kids to learn and to play on. I have a section just for Liz and Bob. I have a preK section with sites for Daniel to learn mouse practice. I have sections for all the school subjects, and one special section with links to sites that I want to pull information off of on a regular basis. This is much better than a favorites list. And the kids are having a blast!
If you want to check out our squidoo lens, click here. And I am also adding it to the sidebar for anyone who might be interested. I plan on updating it frequently, so keep checking back.

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Berry Patch said...

This is great - THANKS! I have the same problem with tons of links that I save & then forget about & never use. Thanks for putting this together.


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