Nov 27, 2008


Although we have a good sized family, we really are a new, young family, so we are still formulating traditions. And the traditions that are still very very rough are Thanksgiving traditions. Our extended families are not very stable in their habits for Thanksgiving and we have spent several years working around them. Plus, we have been pregnant for three of our seven Thanksgivings and one Thanksgiving, we had a brand new baby in the NICU. That year, my #1 thing to be thankful for was getting to hold my son. Two of those Thanksgivings that I was pregnant, were high-risk pregnancies and the other one we were still dealing with the knowledge that our first baby would be born with cleft lip and palate. Throw in the fact that 16 years ago, my mother died on Thanksgiving Day, and you can see why Thanksgiving has always been a crazy time of year for us.
So, this year, a very good year, (Steve losing his job a few weeks ago is actually NOT a stressful thing, considering past years) we worked on some traditions. As we always have, we had dinner with my family on Wednesday (some years it is Tuesday, once it was even Monday, I think) and on Thursday morning, the kids got up and watched The Parade while eating breakfast, which we have done since Kaytie and Nate were toddlers. Only this year, I added the extra special treat of donut holes for breakfast. And I let them eat crackers and fruit all day instead of insisting on any "real" food. We made a "thankful" tree which I will try to post about later. We colored a Pilgrim, put together puzzles, ate fudge and peppermint kisses, and watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for the last time and Charlie Brown Christmas for the first time.
Next year, we will do more of the same.

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