Dec 1, 2008

Advent Calendar

Last year, when I was looking for Christmas traditions to start, I came across Advent calendars. I thought it was a cool idea, but not the candy/toy ones. I wanted something that would draw the kids to Christ. I did see some good ones, but of course, they were a little costly. So, I created my own. Sorry the picture isn't that good, my camera is getting squirrelly again.

I found clip art pictures of 25 objects that represented Christmas (I did have to throw in a few legends to fill up 25 days) I scattered the clip art across a sheet of paper and printed them out. Then, I positioned boxes of numbers across the same sheet, printed them on card stock, cut out three sides of the boxes and then glued the two papers together. (If that makes any sense at all!)

Here is the list of pictures and a little "memory prompt" for me with each one. I just added the prompts instead of a script because I expect the stories and conversations to get more in-depth and complicated each year. Right now they are just getting a brief overview of the topic, just a few sentences or a quick story to expose them to the idea.

1 Candle… story of John 1:1 The world was in darkness, and Jesus came to be the light
2 Bible… story of the prophets (specifically Isaiah) who foretold the Messiah
3 Angel… story of Gabriel coming to visit Mary
4 Angel… story of angel visiting Joseph in a dream
5 Coin… Caesar Augustus taking the census tax so Mary and Joseph must go to Bethlehem
6 St Nicholas… Story of St Nicholas
7 Town… “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”
8 Donkey… Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem
9 Inn… There was no room for the family to stay, so they had to stay in the stable/cave
10 Baby… and she gave birth to a Child and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger
11 Manger… “Away In the Manger”
12 Sheep… the angels appeared to the shepherds
13 Angel with shepherds… “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”
14 Shepherds… the shepherds went to see the Baby and then told everyone about Him
15 Shepherds at the manger… “What Child is This?”
16 Candy cane… Story of the Candy Cane/persecution and faith
17 Star… the wise men followed the star
18 Gold… why Jesus received gold The first gift of gold is commonly connected to Christ’s kingship.
19 Frankincense… why Jesus received frankincense The second gift of frankincense was utilized in religious ceremonies and therefore associated with Jesus’ rabbinical priesthood.
20 Myrrh… why Jesus received myrrh The third gift of myrrh accompanied burial rites, suggesting that Jesus’ would suffer a sacrificial death.
21 Magi… “We Three Kings”
22 Present… why we give presents on Christmas Day (Jesus was born to give His life for us)
23 Praying Hands… the story of Simeon, who waited to see the Messiah
24 World … share this story with others
25 … “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”


One More Equals Four said...

Neat idea! We use a regular candy advent calendar and we have used the advent wreath but this is a great idea! You are always so diligent and willing to go the extra mile!

Jenny said...

It looks great! I love the symbols you chose to use. By the way, the Word docs I post are usually hosted on my website (not a blog) and I just like directly to the document on my website. I'm not really sure how to do it, I have a techno whiz hubby who basically tells me push this, push that, presto! There is one way to host and share documents that I do know of. It is google docs. It is how I embed tables and such into my posts. I hope this helps. Have a great advent season!


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