Dec 15, 2008

Christmas Cheer and Good News

We had a busy week with school. Not just with our regular Totschool activities, but with some winter and holiday fun as well. Our regular Totschool went very well this week, though. We had some good concentration going, and the kids are getting better every week at working hard when it comes to school. And we had a couple of awesome moments:
Daniel correctly named not one, but TWO colors! Several times. This boy can count to ten. He knows his shapes, several numbers and even some letters and their sounds, but he has some sort of a mental block when it comes to colors. He isn't color-blind, because he can sort them with ease. But I was seriously beginning to think that he would graduate from college before he ever learned his colors! So I was delighted when he told me which clothespin was blue and which one was red!

Also, Abbie was sorting bears by color, and she did all five without any prompting from me! This is the first time she hasn't given up after doing three. I was very proud of her.

And finally, I put out our ABC puzzle. Daniel had fun doing it, but the great thing was that when he took the letters out, he automatically put the pieces on the LEFT side of the puzzle-board. All this time I've been quietly insisting that they set up their work from left to right and it has sunk in. :)

We also decorated for Christmas.

Played in the snow.

And decorated pine cones.

I mixed glitter with glue and let them paint away.

Then we added paper chains that Kaytie and Nate and I made.

It was quick, easy, and lots of fun.

For more Totschool, head on over to Carissa's blog and check out what other moms and tots did this week.


CristyLynn said...

I like how you put a placemat or what looks like one to me, for them to have a clear space to work.
Your kids are absolutely adorable, by the way!

One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like a great and fun week!

Julie said...

I'm so glad everyone made progress this week...and had fun in the process. You are doing a great job! Love the pics, the kiddos are just adorable.


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