Dec 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

The excitement of yesterday has reached mass hysteria.

We have been busy baking cookies, fudge, our birthday cake for Baby Jesus, and rice krispie treats. (the hat was Kaytie's attempt at a hair net/ chef's hat) And you have no idea how many pictures I had to take and sort through to get ONE where no one was eating batter off the spoon! :D

We got a new bird. A yet un-named early Christmas present (except it was free) for Steve.

And most importantly, we have been tracking Santa's progress at NORAD. Every so often, someone runs screaming through the house... "HE'S MOVED!!!!" And we must all drop whatever we are doing and run and see. They have bits of video from various places, and Kaytie was amazed because, "I did not know that Rudolph was really real!" Nate has decided he will NOT be sleeping tonight. Daniel decided that imitation was the most sincere flattery. Abbie exclaims, "Santa! How cute!!!" It's a great way to brush up on our geography lessons: how it is night on one side of the world and day on the other; remembering our continents; and seeing pictures of and learning place names we had never heard of before.

Another point of excitement is that this is a new computer for the kids. Now they have their own!!! Thankfully, we have a daddy who can take various parts and pieces from old computers and blend them all together into a wonderful prize!

Oh, yes, Nate's refusal to sleep. I reminded him that Santa will listen for SIX people snoring before he comes into our house, and Kaytie suggested, "Well, maybe Dad will snore enough for both of them." :D

So yeah, now we are going to add Granny, opening a present, and a ton of sugar and THEN try to get them to sleep tonight. Are we insane or what?!?!


One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like lots of excitement! Have a great day!

AOP said...

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Brenda said...

Oh how awesome to have a computer just for the kids! That really is a blessing.

Hope everyone slept on Christmas eve! :)


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