Dec 21, 2008

Cutting, Cookies, and Christmas

Christmas is heavy on our minds here. We are playing theNativity story,using our felt board, wrapping presents, and making crafts. So naturally, Totschool is full of Christmas as well.

I put the extra wrapping paper in their box to practice cutting, which was a BIG hit. Daniel cut up everything that was in the box, and I had to get out more for the other kids to use. He was pretending that his scissors were a shark, chasing and eating the paper. He was completely absorbed.

We made paper candy canes. Well, the big kids and I did, Daniel and Abbie watched, supervised and hung them on the tree.

We decorated Christmas cookies. This is a tradition that the kids look forward to every year. This year, they got to help cut them out, bake them, AND decorate them.

Daniel took the job very seriously.

Abbie decorated two cookies and promptly ate them, so was removed from the table and not allowed to return. But she had fun while it lasted. :)

I laminated a cut-out of a tree and some pictures that I printed off and let them decorate their own tree. The girls enjoy this the most. I meant to put tape on the back of the decorations so that they would stick to the tree, but in the end, I'm glad I didn't. Maybe next year, when they are a little more dextrous.

I put out Christmas pictures for them to color. Next week, when they are all colored, I will staple them together to form a little book.

Not everything that we do is Christmas related, though. :) After I added a baby doll to the body part cards, Abbie got the idea and now she enjoys pulling a card, saying what the part is, pointing to her corresponding part and also the doll's. So now I am frequently adding new cards for her to learn.

And finally, the big hit of the week. I dug out an old formula holder and put clear water in one section, green water in another and let them mix the two together with a dropper. The dropper was hard to squeeze, but this still got a LOT of use.

For more Totschool posts go here. Totschool is all about good ideas and very cute kids!


Professional Mommy said...

We do so many projects but haven’t started cutting yet. At what age did you start working on cutting? I’m so afraid she’ll try to cut her hair off…

I love the Candy Canes and have them on a list of things to do for Christmas. We probably won’t get to it this year though. I hope I remember it for next year!

Sugar cookies are one of my top 5 least liked foods, but I can’t resist decorating them. They look so pretty, but no one in my family likes them. I thought maybe my little girl would but she doesn’t either! I’ve tried so many recipes…but they just aren’t my thing. But I’ll keep decorating them, year after year.

Spesamor Academy said...

We don't have a problem with them getting eaten! My kids will eat anything with sugar in it. :)
As far as cutting, each kid started a little earlier as I got a little braver (or just more tired, I'm not sure which!) Abbie started a few months ago. And these are cheapo kid scissors that wouldn't even begin to cut her hair. :) They are cool, though, because they have a little "hinge" that keeps them open so all the kid has to do is squeeze.

Kysha said...

I can never keep candy canes on our tree so I didn't even put them on this year. LOL Looks like you had a yummy week. I applaud you for doing such a great job with your little ones. The last time I had so many little hands that small was when my twins were 2 and I had a newborn. It made potty training very interesting to say the least. Ha! But I wouldn't trade those years for anything. Well, enough of my rambling. I pray that you have a very blessed Christmas!

Simplicity said...

What WONDERFUL ideas you have--and energy--and courage (like the green food coloring so close to the carpet)!! :)

I love reading your posts, because they give me such great ideas and encouragement. Thank you.

Have a wondeful Christmas with your little ones. This has been a very fun Christmas season for you.


One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like loads of fun! You always have great ideas! Have a great Christmas!

MoziEsmé said...

Looks like a wonderful week! I love the shark scissors - kids are so creative sometimes! And I know about the cookie thing - Esme grabbed and started eating her two cookies even before they were decorated and refused to have anything to do with the decorating since it meant she'd have to put the cookies down...


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