Dec 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So we survived Christmas. :) Barely. I thought the excitement was going to do a couple of us in, but we all made it in one piece. I used to enjoy Christmas, but now, that I am a parent, it is so much more fun! It truly is better to give than to receive, especially when you are giving to a child.

Putting the finishing touches on Baby Jesus' birthday cake.

After all the fun of Christmas Eve Day, Granny came over for supper. She always spends Christmas Eve with us. We have sandwiches, goodies, and presents. She brought each of the kids a "big" gift, and then a bag of "stocking stuff".

The slinky was a favorite. I say "was" because at this time, it has already been damaged.

Daniel got a HUGE Trackmaster Thomas. In this picture, there are no batteries in his new train, so he didn't even know it was a remote control. He was just sitting there, watching the old trains running around the track, listening to the Thomas music, and sipping juice.

This is how our floor looked on Christmas Eve. We picked up at bedtime, then we picked up a bigger mess THREE times on Christmas Day. Every time I would get it to where one could walk across the floor, someone else would show up with presents and we would be right back where we started. :) It's better this way, though, because they had time to process what they were getting and be truly appreciative (as much as a young child can be) to the giver. AND they remember who gave them what.

Nate got dinosaurs and dinosaur-hunters.

Which of course, Abbie thought was very interesting.

As did Daniel.

As did Kaytie. This jeep has a "gun" that shoots. I barely got the picture taken before she got me.

Dad enjoys helping Daniel set up his train tracks. As my mom used to say, "The only difference between a man and a boy is the price of his toys."

Kaytie got a camera, which everyone loves. It can take 20 pictures at a time before they have to be downloaded, and they keep me busy downloading!!! That is a helicopter in Abbie's face. She had to explore everyone else's toys before she could settle down to her own.

Santa's cutest little elf. :)

And a very Merry Christmas it was! Additional, un-pictured favorite presents are: Abbie got a whole set of baby doll furniture. The stroller, especially, is a hit among the younger set. The big kids got a VTech motion, which everyone enjoys. And Kaytie received, from Santa Claus, the best present EVER, in her opinion, an "elf-made" cookbook, with explicit directions for making such things as PB&J, hot dogs, ants on a log, and waffles. It has been well-used.


Julie said...

What a wonderful holiday! My ds3 got one of those cameras, too...they can sure take 20 pics in no time lol! His came with some software and he loves making up stories to go with his pics. I sure know what you mean about picking up...oh, the legos, they never end! I'm so glad you had such a great day. :)

One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like a great day, glad ya'll had a good Christmas! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Kysha said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New year!


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