Dec 18, 2008

A penny for your thoughts

So Brenda was posting about what she thinks about during the day, and it started me wondering... what do I think about all day long?
Well, besides the fleeting fantasies of locking myself in the bathroom (I don't though, because I'd have to sound proof it first, and who has the time for THAT?) I think about things like this...
Why do toddlers scream?
Why do preschoolers cry?
How is peanut-butter made?
How do wild and crazy little boys manage to look so angelic when they are sleeping?
Why is the purple spoon so superior to the red spoon that small children would rather STARVE than eat from the red spoon?
How do 2 year olds instinctively know that smiling sweetly and saying, "Mommy, I uff oo," can make Mommy stop being mad about the puddle of water all over the bathroom floor?
Where do sippy cups go?
Are toddlers truly made of rubber? And if not, how do they bounce so much?
How do teenagers eat so much?
Do toys breed? And how do they do it so quickly? Are they related to rabbits?
Why is it that I have 5 mis-matched socks and FOUR of them belong to Kaytlin Anne?
Why does my four year old son want to be called "Fossil"?
How do little boys disintegrate so quickly after I have dressed them nicely for church?
Why doesn't eating the contents of your nose make little boys sick, when just the thought of it makes mommies throw up?
Why is it that the same kids that whine when I ask them to do something, leap to do their baby sister's capricious demands at the drop of a hat?
Why is a chair called a chair?
And above all, what I think the most is:

What happened to the toilet paper!?!?!?


One More Equals Four said...

Too funny! And may I commend you on being able to think about so much! Mostly, I think about when can I sleep again and why do children not clean up after themsleves or why are they fighting AGAIN! That about sums up most of my thought for the day!

Simplicity said...

Great post!
I love the one about your son wanting to be called "Fossil." That is hilarious!

Boys give you so much to think about!

Have a fun week!


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