Dec 14, 2008

Proof that you don't have to be a rocket-scientist to work at the Public Library

So I took the kids to the library today. (please no snippy comments about my own intelligence in taking four small kids to the library by myself, it most definitely was NOT voluntary!!!) Anyway, the first incident of less than shining brilliance displayed by a librarian was as follows.
Abbie was flitting through the shelves like a lost goose on speed, strewing books in her wake. Nate was sitting and reading aloud, at the very top of his lungs, despite my insistent "SHHHH"ing! Daniel was whining because I wanted him to put his coat back on and he was aghast that we were going to leave soon. And Kaytie was alternately gazing blankly into space and harassing her siblings because they "weren't listening" (yes, she is very good at playing a pot who calls the kettle 'black'). I was desperately hunting a particular book, whilst shhing Nate, chasing Abbie, calling Kaytie back to reality, urging Daniel back into his coat, and pretending to ignore the stares of all the fellow patrons of the library, so I stopped to ask a sweet lady who was shelving books if she could help me locate my particular book. As she did so, she stopped to smile benignly at my brood. "Your children are so well-behaved," she said, sincerely.

Then, we get to the desk to check out our books, and I explain to the librarian that I have lost a book that I was supposed to return today at the very latest. Her brilliant idea?
"Have you looked for it?"


jennwa said...

That is too funny. We have librairians that would make that same comment. They must be the same everywhere.

I have four children close together also. I feel your pain. The library is always a fun trip. Ha Ha!!

Julie said...

I'm convinced that librarians would prefer that children stay out of the library... or, at least, my wild child isn't always welcome...though he is getting better.

One More Equals Four said...

I cannot tell you how glad I was to read this post. I get my four out every two week to trudge to the library and I HATE it! The baby pulls everything off shelves, Dancer wants me to read to her and the older boys have to have guidance in choosing books or all they come home with is the NFL guide to football or Pirateology! We have a really sweet children's librarian, but UGH! I am glad I am not alone!

Ms. Courtney Bennet said...

You do know that there are at least two people I know of including myself, who would have been most happy to go with you to the library and help you with the small children. All you had to do was ask...

Liz said...

yes all you had to do is ask! we would've come!


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