Dec 13, 2008

Some People Have No Shame

So I have mentioned before about our tendency to sing a lot and to change the words to songs as it fits our needs and/or moods. Well, one of our favorite songs to do this with is Ten Little Indians. It started when I came across a version titled Ten Little Bubbles. It promptly became Kaytie's favorite song and soon new variations were cropping up everywhere. We have sung about Ten Little Apples hanging/falling from a tree, Ten Little Toes wiggling, Ten Little Nates jumping, Ten Little Babies crying, Ten Little Mommies going insane, you name it, we have adapted it to this song.
So I was not surprised the other day, when I heard Nate singing in his bedroom, "One little, two little, three little eyes, Four little, five little, six little eyes, Seven little, eight little, nine little eyes, Ten little eyes go: blink! blink! blink!"
I tuned him out for a minute, then I realized he had started a second verse that caused me to hold my breath and listen intently.
"One little, two little, three little bottoms,"
Ohhhh no.
"Four little, five little, six little bottoms,"
He wouldn't, surely he wouldn't.
"Seven little, eight little, nine little bottoms."
As though he sensed the tension in the air, he started slowing down and singing each word a little louder, holding it a little longer.
"Ten little bottoms go TOOT TOOT TOOT!"
And every little boy in the room laughed. Loudly.

Now, that's bad enough, but what's worse is:
When I told his dad this story, he laughed. Proudly.

and worse than that:
This little guy is only four. It's only going to go downhill from here.

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Dana said...

That is too funny!


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