Dec 8, 2008

Totschool Christmas

I didn't post about Totschool last week, because, what with Thanksgiving, Grandparents and Dad being off work, we didn't really do much. However, now I have sorted all the Fall stuff into Christmas stuff, so I have lots of pictures to post this week. (only one of the reasons I'm sooooo late posting)
I took all of the colors out of the tweezering puffballs except for red, green, and white.

Same thing with the cubes. I changed the orange and brown to red and green. And this week, Abbie seemed to finally get the point of it. I had to help her a lot, but she was trying to make a pattern. And then, when I told her it was a worm that wanted another green block, she got very into it! And was very proud of herself when we finished!

I changed the tonging pumpkins into a leaf dish to tonging Christmas erasures into a red bell dish. It revitalized this work. Really, I was very intrigued how just changing the components of a work bumped it back up to the top of the list!

The flat pink rocks became red marbles and big green rocks.

The pumpkin counting game became bells and Christmas candy. Daniel can now ID most of the numbers and Abbie knows 1 and 3!

I changed the beans to red and green rice. But this was one that did not go very well at all. They spilled it A LOT and it was incredibly tedious to pick back up again. So we will go back to beans for this work.

However, it wasn't a dead loss, because I put the rest of the dyed rice in a bag and Daniel loved playing with that!
I also added a few things...
A shapes wipe-off book, and a dry erase marker
beads and a pipe cleaner. This was a hit. Daniel had a great time stringing the beads. The big kids did it in patterns.
And once Abbie figured out the bead wasn't going to climb on by itself, she enjoyed it too!
In my never ending attempt to spark some sort of interest in the ABC's, I found several small items and matched them with letter cards. A F R and M. The kids match the object to the card with the same initial sound. It was way over Abbie's head, and Daniel has yet to choose it.
I found two sets of boxes at Dollar Tree that fit together perfectly, so I tossed a seashell into the smallest one, put all four boxes together and put it out. I expected them to be a little interested, but this was the greatest hit yet. Daniel played it with it for quite a while. He always starts by shaking it, and saying, "What's in there?" Then he pretends to pull wrapping paper off, and then opens each box until he gets to the shell, when he exclaims, "IT'S A SEASHELL!"
Of course, being Daniel, he has to experiment with it...

And Abbie has to do everything that Daniel does.

Abbie enjoys the boxes, too, but she has a hard time getting them back together again. So I have to be VERY patient and help her with that part.

The other big hit was the "mystery bag". It's actually a Santa hat, with five small toys in it. They are supposed to guess what is in it by touch. Daniel does well,

but Abbie doesn't quite get the point.

She loves it, though!

Our other things are still out, and still being enjoyed...

And Abbie says, "Hooray for Totschool!"

Actually, she is saying, "Did it!"
I'm sorry about the pictures of a pant-less Abbie, but we are embarking on a course of potty-training, so it will probably be happening often in the next few months. (weeks, hopefully)
For more prompt and punctual Totschool posts, go to Carisa's blog.


teachingtinytots said...

looks like a fun busy week!

One More Equals Four said...

Sounds fun! I am wondering...where do you store all of these activities during "non school" times? We have huge storage issues so I am wondering if you have inspiration.

Spesamor Academy said...

I am currently using a big, flat box that slides under Kaytie's bed. I also have three cabinets that we have squeezed into corners for storing school supplies, but the Totschool stuff is under the bed. :)

Jenny said...

I miss these fun hands-on works. These are the sort of activities I had out the first two years I was homeschooling (my girls were pre-k and 1st grade).


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