Dec 16, 2008

Two Years Ago Today...

I was in the hospital. Miserable, sad, scared and alone. I had been there for over a week. I had changed rooms three times, seen half a dozen doctors and several rotations of nurses. Things were looking up, however, I stopped bleeding and they were letting me eat a liquid diet. (The best food I have EVER eaten was a hospital turkey sandwich and potato chips that a wonderful nurse sweet-talked the doctor into letting me have after nearly a week of being kept alive on IVs and ice chips.) The doctors were hoping for several more weeks of this status quo so that Baby Abigail would be nice and healthy and ready to go home at birth.
As for me, I wanted desperately for her to be born so that I could go home to my other babies and yet wanted desperately for her to stay put so I wouldn't have to leave her behind.We were facing a very bleak Christmas, jobless, of course, because troubles always bring friends when they come to visit, and yet, we were being surrounded by love. From family and friends and strangers alike. We were inundated with financial gifts, letters, cards, prayers, and offers of help. And, of course, God was there, faithful, loving, and reminding us that His LOVE is the reason for the season, after all. And of course, she was born exactly when she was supposed to be. A week before Christmas, our own little Christmas angel/miracle/gift of love, hope, and faith.
In all, she spent 5 weeks in NICU, charming the nurses with her "attitude" and came home to us a teeny little bundle of sass who has since grown into a... well, a slightly bigger teeny little bundle of sass.
When she was only a couple weeks old, there was a good deal of trouble over her oxygen monitors going off, until an observant nurse figured out she was holding her breath ON PURPOSE to set the monitor off. If the nurse was slow about re-setting it, her levels held steady, but as soon as the beeping stopped, her levels would drop. So even right from the beginning, when she was tiny, weak, and sick, she was an attention-driven goof-ball.


One More Equals Four said...

Happy Birthday! May the day be filled with blessings!

Carisa said...

Oh this makes me love her even more. I knew that girl was special, I could *see it* through your many photos of her! What a firecracker!


Simplicity said...

What sweet, sweet memories of your baby girl--and of God's wonderful Love and Grace. Thank you for sharing those very personal, very tender memories.

Sorry I haven't been over here lately. It seems that everytime I try to view your blog lately, the page freezes up. Maybe I'm just not patient enough to let it finish loading.

Whatever the case, it loaded pretty quickly this morning. I'm so glad!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!


Spesamor Academy said...

Carisa, thank you. :) Firecracker is an understatement. lol
Jodi, I know, it was giving me problems, too. I just started taking things off until it got better.


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