Jan 20, 2009

7 X 7 picture

So the four by four was so fun that I thought I would pick a different number this week and do it again! This time I picked the seventh picture in my seventh folder and found this:

Kaytie swinging. She was 7 months old. I believe this picture was taken in August. I know we were living in "the cow town" where Steve was youth pastoring. We had walked down to the church to the playground there, and were playing with the church's brand new digital camera which we thought was the most awesome thing ever. I remember being very irritated that I couldn't figure out how to get the date off the picture. However, I have no idea why she was wearing footie pjs to the park in August.

1 comment:

Sprittibee said...

You won the Blush contest. :) Email me with your info to claim your prize. :)


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