Jan 4, 2009


Just about six years ago, I got to hold the fulfillment of a dream.
I think I was about four when I first decided I wanted to be a mommy. It was second grade (I think, I was home schooled, so grades are fuzzy for me) when I wrote a report on "What I want to be when I grow up". It went something like this... When I grow up, I want to have six kids, three boys and three girls. I went on to list their names and ages.
I don't remember the details, but I do remember the dream. I also remember being told by several well-meaning adults that I would not get to choose the number of kids I would have, nor their genders. But I was not dissuaded from my dream. Nothing could do that... Not gentle reminders of reality... Not scorn at such a "pointless career"... Not shock that anyone would go to college with the intention of someday being "nothing but a housewife"... Not the eye-opening experience of caring for (other people's) children... Not even long years of boy-friend-less-ness.
And on a cold, January day, I finally got to hold my first baby. I achieved my dream of being a Mommy. Nothing else I could possibly achieve could be greater than this. I cried.
Raising her has been a challenge. :) She is so full of love and life. Everything is BIG and GREAT and PERFECT in her eyes. She is on one hand so very very like me, and on the other hand so incredibly opposite of me that I have learned so many lessons from her. Everyone loves and values Kaytie, because Kaytie loves and values everyone.
Ironically enough, Kaytie is full of dreams. She always has been, even when she was tiny. And this year, six years after she made my dream come true, a special dream of hers was granted by her Heavenly Father, her earthly daddy, and the love and generosity of a woman Kaytie doesn't even know.
The story goes like this. One (of the many) things that Kaytie loves is giraffes. I won't go into the long story of why, but suffice it to say Kaytie is all about giraffes. And this year, her daddy, out of a "real" job, was working part-time at a seasonal game/toy store. And in this store, was a life-sized baby giraffe. (as in, five feet tall) Over the holidays, since Steve was working there, we visited this store several times, and Kaytie instantly fell in love with this giraffe. To the point that she asked if we could buy it. Which is something the kids rarely ever do, especially Kaytie. Well, as you can imagine, a five foot giraffe is not a cheap toy. So I told her no, and I told her why. She looked a little disappointed, then later, she brought the subject up again, having emptied her piggy-bank to help with the cost. Again, I gently explained why we could not buy the giraffe and she dropped the subject. She never brought it up again.
But Steve heard her, and, being a daddy, he set about to see what he could do. He asked his boss (the owner of the store) if/when/how much the giraffe would be discounted after the holidays. She said, "Oh, probably 30%." But then asked why. Well, 30% was still way too much money for us, but he told her about Kaytie. And her immediate response was, "She has GOT to have that giraffe!" So she stuck it in the back to ensure that it didn't sell, then informed him that it would be discounted after the holidays to whatever price he was able to afford.
So after Christmas, a determined daddy shelled out the cash, drug a five foot giraffe through the mall, and contrived to hide it in our closet until a special little girl had her birthday.
She cried. And my dream continues to come true every single day.


Simplicity said...

Now you've gone and made me cry.

What a special, special story you shared with us.

Thank you.
And Happy Birthday, Kaytie!

Mommy Brain said...

What a beautiful story. And how giving of that woman to bend over backwards so Kaytie could have that giraffe.

Happy 6th Birthday, Kaytie! And a big congrats to you on 6 years of motherhood. :-)

Simplicity said...

We just finished watching "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium," and I had to think of little Kaytie when I saw the giraffe in his store.

Where does your giraffe sleep?


Professional Mommy said...

Yep, I've gone and cried too.

One More Equals Four said...

Is that not just like a daddy? Mine would move heaven and earth to give me my dreams! She will never forget that!

Michele@Philoxenos said...

Yep, I'm crying too.

Spesamor Academy said...

Mommy Brain, it was AWESOME of her! :)
And the giraffe sleeps right beside Kaytie's bed. :)


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